Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

1. Is the interior of the fireplace firebox lined with chamotte?

- The interior of the fireplace is covered with vermiculite. Its role is the same as the refractory, only much lighter and therefore cheaper.


2. Why some parts of the firebox become damaged?

- By long-standing demand of the heating element for a much higher temperature than specified by the manufacturer, that is, excessive firing in order to warm up far more space than is realistically possible with this heating element, firebox become damaged over time.


3. What to do if inner lining of the firebox is broken?

- If a break occurs in vermiculite, furnace is still functional and does not have to be changed immediately. It is completely normal that there are partial cracks due to high temperature or negligence during the insertion of wood. Vermiculite is needed to be changed only when a waste, or when a fire comes into direct contact with the metal surface area of the combustion chamber.


4. How to maintain the glass?

- If the firebox is using recommended quality fuels and, if the chimney is good, then the burning is good and the glass will stain only. If the intervention is still required, then wipe it with ordinary glass cleaner.


5. Why product produces smoke?

- The product is improperly connected to the chimney

- The chimney is defective or has insufficient draft

- Adverse weather conditions

- Insufficient supply of fresh air in the room


6. How to know if the product is properly connected?

- The product is connected to the chimney according to the technical instructions of the manufacturer.


7. How to know if the chimney is faulty?

- Chimney of low-quality materials (asbestos or brass pipes)

-Chimney is insufficiently long,

- Inadequate chimney diameter,

- Chimney is poorly positioned - obscured by tall buildings, trees or other obstacles that hinder the circulation of air around the top of the chimney,

- Chimney placed under the roof ridge,

- Poorly plastered chimney - through connection joints it gets the air, and it cuts flow of flue gases,

- Chimney with implantable or poorly built doors for cleaning,

- Irregularly cleaned chimney - the accumulated soot and resin section makes it difficult to reduce the flow of flue gas.


8. Where to buy spare parts?

- Spare parts are sold by the manufacturer of the furnace, ie. the company Thermia Ltd. Any additional information about spare parts and their purchase, you can get on the phone number 031 / 634-123.


9. What is the diameter of the flue gas outlet of the fireplace?

- All fireplaces produced by Thermia, have flue outlet diameter of 150 mm.


10. Can I pay fireplaces in monthly installments?

- No. We require the full payment, but you can arrange installment payments with your credit card company.